Infuser – healthy drinking and tasty enjoyment


Infuser: With tasty water to a healthier lifestyle

For fruit, herbs & co: Delicious pleasure in the stylish glass infuser

Mineral or tap water is the best drink for our body so that we feel fit and awake. However, many people find it difficult to consume at least 2 litres a day, as water does not taste of anything. The stylish Fruit Infuser can help: In the Infuser made of robust glass you can make delicious fruit water yourself. This not only tastes great, but also stimulates the metabolism and can support you in a healthy weight loss. And this is how it works: You simply put fruits or vegetables as well as herbs such as peppermint or rosemary into the fruit container and fill the glass bottle with water. Now close the infuser with the lid, shake the bottle carefully and in no time you can enjoy a delicious fruit-flavoured water in your infuser. For a herbal tea you use a tasty tea instead of tap water. You can also use the Infuser as a smoothie maker to keep your vitamins always to go.

Especially practical: The fruit container acts like a filter that does not let any seeds through. Thanks to the fruits it contains, the water in the infuser is rich in minerals, vitamins and valuable antioxidants. The healthy amniotic fluid in the infuser is therefore very well suited for a detox cure.

Long-lasting drinking pleasure: Infuser is made of high-quality and stable materials

Stainless steel or glass are ideal materials for a Fruit-Infuser. The materials are particularly durable, robust, hygienic and food-safe. In addition, a glass bottle can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Stainless steel bottles are best washed by hand to avoid scratches. The Infuser-Bottle is closed tightly with the lid, which is usually bpa-free. This makes the bottle leak-proof and refreshes you during sport or work. So that you don’t have to pour your amniotic fluid from the Infuser into a pot or carafe, you can drink directly from the well thought-out drinking device. The Infuser is available in different sizes and looks.

Great gift idea: Infuser in different designs available

The glass bottle for your flavoured amniotic fluid is the perfect companion for sports, leisure or work. So that your friends can also benefit from the healthy water, give away an infuser. Thanks to its modern design, the Infuser is a great gift idea for birthdays or Christmas. The Infuser is available in different designs and materials.

Infuser instruction 1

Infuser Instructions: Step 1
Pour the tea directly into the bottle or tea strainer. The amount depends on the type of tea and the desired strength of the tea. We recommend 2 to 8 grams.

Infuser instruction 2

Infuser Instructions: Step 2
Fill the hot water directly into the bottle and close the lid. Let the tea brew for 1 to 3 minutes. Depending on the tea, you can infuse your tea up to four times.

Infuser instruction 3

Infuser Instructions: Step 3
The tea is drunk directly from the bottle. The bottle is designed for drinking directly from the bottle. A transfer into a cup is not necessary.

Infuser advantages, glass 400ml double-walled, dense, bpa-free, tea strainer, tea filter, lid
  • double-walled borosilicate glass
  • Hot up to 1h hot
  • Cold up to 2h cold
  • 100% tight / BPA free
  • easy cleaning
  • Tea filter and tea strainer
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